Strengthening Malaysia’s Media for Change

This wide-reaching project is designed to strengthen the capacity of media civil society organisations to instigate and lead sustainable change development in Malaysia.  Through capacity building of journalist unions and CSOs, the project aims to strengthen organisations internally through institutional reform and externally through the creation of solidarity partnerships and alliances.  Journalists and media organisations will be supported to take a strategic role in promoting and advancing a strong, independent and diverse media in Malaysia.

In the first year, the project will also examine the impacts of Covid-19 on the health and safety of journalists. Capacity building will be developed to address concerns of media workers arising from the current health crisis.

Key activities include:

  • Assessment of reporting standards and trust in media

  • Capacity building of journalists and civil society organisations

  • National consultations on establishing a media council

  • Establishment of media reform network

  • Development of digital code of conduct strategy

  • Right to association strengthening and campaigning

  • Media literacy and law reform outreach

  • Gender and diversity strengthening

Read the launch statement here.

Location: Malaysia

Dates: 2020 - 2024

This project is funded by the European Union