Mitigating Reduction in Media Freedom in and outside China by Strengthening the Capacity of Journalists

This project will work to build awareness and dialogue on media engagement on China media issues in Mainland China and Hong Kong at the international level as well as strengthen media freedom monitoring and advocacy in the East Asia region more broadly. Trends show that China is conducting a media outreach campaign in almost every continent, targeting at least 31 developed and 27 developing countries that participated in the IFJ’s 2019 global union survey.   The action will achieve its purpose by building the capacity of journalists, improving dialogue and collaboration both and outside the region, and leveraging technology to increase the safety of journalists and their sources.

Key activities:

  • Media rights monitoring, training and advocacy
  • Media Safety Training
  • Global and national research
  • Building global coalition for media freedom
  • Secure online collaboration and development of resource hub

Location: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Global

Dates: October 2020 - March 2021

This project is funded by the Magna Carta Fund