Join the IFJ!

The IFJ is the global voice of journalists - a confederation of 187 trade unions and associations of journalists in 141 countries which fights to protect and enhance the social and professional rights of journalists.

Membership is only open to national journalists’ organisations committed to the principles of independent journalism and press freedom.

The IFJ has two categories of membership.

  • Full members are registered trade unions who actively defend the labour rights and working conditions of journalists as well as their professional interests.
  • Associate members are journalists’ organisations which defend and represent the professional interests of journalists.

Membership of the IFJ is NOT open to individual journalists. Individuals should join the journalists’ trade union or association in their own country.

As an individual member of a union or association which is a member of the IFJ you are entitled to receive the IFJ's International Press Card - the most widely recognised and acknowledged accreditation for someone working in journalism.

A strong collective voice for journalists is essential to securing improved pay and conditions, fairness at work and defending your professional rights and freedoms. Join your local journalists’ union today!