Nordic Federation of Journalists Condemns Lockout of CBC Workers in Letter to Canadian Ambassador

Fredericka Gregory 
Canada's Ambassador to Denmark 
Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen 
Kristen Bernikowsgade 1, 
1105 Copenhagen K 

Copenhagen, September 12., 2005 

Dear Fredericka Gregory 

The Danish Union of Journalists, representing 12.500 members, strongly condems the actions taken against the media workers at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation by the management of CBC. 

This dispute is damaging Canada’s international reputation for quality broadcasting and respect for international labour standards. It’s time for talks that will deliver fairness and a peaceful settlement and an end to provocative and confrontational management. 

We are asking the government to intervene. CBC should be providing local programming that caters to the country’s different communities rather than abandoning its public service mandate by getting foreign news and entertainment shows to fill the gaps in its service. 

The CBC locked out journalists and media staff are eager to get back to their jobs and provide the kind of radio and television programming Canadian viewers want. But their fight to prevent the company from turning many more full-time jobs into temporary or contract work is one that resonates around the world. It is a struggle for decent working conditions, and a determined defence of quality broadcasting and public service values. 

Please inform your government about our concern. 


Mogens Blicher Bjerregård 
Nordic Federation of Journalists