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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned.

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  1. Intl journalist group: fewer media staff killed this year, The Washington Post
  2. International Journalist Group: Fewer Media Staff Killed This Year, Voa News
  3. Fewer journalists killed in line of duty, The Mercury
  4. Fewer media staff killed this year: International journalist group, The Straits Times
  5. Fewer Journalists Killed in 2019, but It Doesn't Mean They're Safer, Report Shows, Haaretz
  6. Human Rights Day: 49 journalists killed this year, says IFJ, The Brussels Times
  7. Fewer journalists killed this year, says report, New Europe
  8. International organisation calls for investigation into assault on Turkish journalist, Ahval News
  9. Albania Govt Ignores Outcry Against Online Media Laws, Balkan Insight
  10. Watchdog Group Says Top Journalist-Jailer Countries are in Mideast, The Media Line
  11. Maltese in Brussels call for PM’s resignation, The Shift
  12. Leading Journalists, Writers, And Free Speech Groups Call On EU Leaders To Hold Muscat To Account For Political Interference In Daphne Murder Case, Lovin Malta
  13. Hundreds of journalists around the world sign open letter demanding freedom for Assange, World Socialist
  14. Press freedom organisations express concern over Daphne Caruana Galizia murder proceedings, Independent
  15. U2's Bono to Duterte: 'You can't compromise on human rights', Rappler
  16. #MosulSOS: RT penetrates fog of war around civilians’ plight in besieged Mosul, Stock Daily Dish
  17. Afghanistan- IFJ seeks greater security for Afghan media workers, MenaFN
  18. Federación Internacional de Periodistas revela que menos comunicadores han sido asesinados en el 2019 respecto al 2018, El Universo
  19. 49 periodistas han sido asesinados en 2019, Confilegal
  20. La FIP cifra en 49 los periodistas asesinados en 2019, la cifra más baja en dos décadas, La Vanguardia
  21. La FIP cifra en 49 los periodistas muertos en 2019, la cifra más baja en dos décadas, Pr Noticias
  22. Más de 700 periodistas de todo el mundo han firmado la declaración en defensa de Assange, Público
  23. En todo el mundo hay unos 250 periodistas encarcelados, Diario de México
  24. Hay 250 periodistas presos en el mundo, Posta
  25. Más de 600 periodistas se unen en defensa de Julian Assange, Cuba Periodistas
  26. Journée des droits humains: la FIJ déplore 49 journalistes tués dans le monde entier, RTBF
  27. Presse : L’éthique à l’épreuve de l’immédiateté de l’information, Finances News
  28. « 49 journalistes tués dans le monde, de janvier à date » selon la FIJ, LOOP Haiti
  29. Tweet d'un syndicat de police contre trois journalistes français : qu'est-ce que cette alerte sur le site du Conseil de l'Europe ?, Libération

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