IFJ Affiliates form the ‘Southeast Asian Journalists’ Unions Network’

Media Release: South EastAsia                                                                          June 21, 2013
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), with funding provided by the Swedish Government’s LOTCO program, held a meeting and workshop with South East Asia affiliates in Phnom Penh, Cambodia between the 16 – 18th June to create solidarity and a stronger regional network.  During the meeting, the affiliate unions from Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines resolved to address a series of priorities through joint cooperation.  The group agreed to formalise the group – TheSouth East Asian Journalists’ Unions Network will represent needs and priorities of journalists and journalist unions throughout the region.  A statement of commitment drafted by the represented unions outlines the aims and purpose of the network: We, representatives of journalists’ unions and associations in Southeast Asia affiliated with the International Federation of Journalists, Recognizing that we face common problems of poor welfare and working conditions as evidenced in low wages, violations or outright suppression of our right to organize, and violations of our labour rights; Knowing how many of our colleagues have been killed, threatened and harassed as they performed their work as journalists, and how many others continue to face daily threats to their lives and safety because of the failure to punish those responsible for these attacks; Seeing how impunity and state policies erode press freedom and freedom of expression, and also deprive people of the right to access to information; Aware of the need to promote gender equity and awareness within journalists' unions and media organizations, broaden and improve gender-sensitive reporting within the media, and to implement programs that promote gender awareness and equity;  Realizing the importance of closer and more active coordination and cooperation among ourselves and other groups that advocate and promote the same issues; All agree to organize into the ‘Southeast AsianJournalists’ Unions Network’ with the mission of strengthening solidarity between our unions and all journalists within the region and work together to:
  • Improve the welfare and working


    conditions of journalists in the region

  • Build an informed public by


    advancing press freedom, freedom of expression, access to information and

    independent media

  • Fight for the protection and


    safety of journalists and to end impunity

  • Promote gender equity within


    journalists’ unions and media organizations, and implement programs that will

    advance and protect gender rights

  • Build the organizational capacity


    of our unions and The South East Asian Journalists’ Unions Network

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