EFJ Stands Up for Unions' Rights and Journalism on May Day 2010

Today the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) encouraged its member organisations throughout Europe to mark this year's May Day by putting professional standards, decent working conditions and unions' rights at the centre of the debate on the future of journalism and the future of democracy in Europe.

"This is the time to stand up for unions' rights and to fight together for our rights to practice journalism in decent conditions. It is a day when we give real meaning to the notion of professional solidarity. We want to continue our dialogue with social partners, but also with civil society and politicians," said EFJ President Arne König. "We in journalism understand better than anyone why democracy needs quality media. Journalists' unions and associations are rightly taking the lead in bringing these issues to the table of governments, policymakers and civil society alike."

One year and a half year after the beginning of the global financial crisis which has severely affected media workers through restructurings and massive lay-offs, the future of journalism and media remains bleak.

The EFJ and its members have called for a European campaign to  guarantee decent working conditions in the media industry and to revive commitments to   public service values , which are key conditions for media freedom, independent reporting  and quality journalism . 

The EFJ represents over 260,000 journalists in 30 countries.
For more information contact the EFJ at +32 2 235.2200