Argentina: violence against workers of Tiempo Argentina and Radio América

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has strongly condemned attacks on journalists at an Argentinian media company.

The journalists were subjected to violence on the morning of Monday 4 Juy, when approximately 20 people broke into the newspaper Tiempo Argentino and Radio América in Buenos Aires.

The group, led by the businessman Martinez Rojas, destroyed the office’s systems and equipment and forcefully expelled the journalists working there.

"The IFJ supports the fight of the journalists and the workers at Tiempo Argentino and Radio América, condemning the intimidation they have suffered and highlighting the need for those who took part in these acts of violence to be brought to justice," said Anthony Bellanger, IFJ General Secretary.

"We call upon the Argentinian government to give the workers at Tiempo Argentino and Radio América guaranteed personal security and protection for their work, guaranteeing the right to freedom of speech and protection of their right to work,” he added.

Read the full article in Spanish here.

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