IFJ Completes Series of Human Rights Reporting Trainings in Arab World and Middle East

As part of Media for Human Rights Programme, which is run by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in cooperation with journalists’ unions, IFJ’s trainers in human rights reporting organised fourteen workshops during January and February 2015 in the Middle East and Arab World region. The workshops were held in Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq (including Kurdistan Region of Iraq) and Palestine. The trainings involved 180 trainees and followed a first assessment of journalists’ needs in the region.They focused on how journalists could improve their skills in reporting on human rights issues such as Women’s rights, Child rights, Labour rights, Minorities, Migrant workers and Corruption. The IFJ's trainers who run these workshops are graduates of the IFJ’s Training of Trainers prgoramme organised in June 2014 in Amman, Jordan. During 2015, the IFJ and its affiliates are planning to organise more similar workshops and to reach out to local and regional institutions and partners to cooperate in creating a supporting environment for human rights reporters. This programme is supported by the Norwegian ministry of foreign affairs. See more pictures at IFJ's Flickr account.

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