Iran : IFJ demands immediate release of journalist detained without charges

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Woman journalist Tahereh Riahi was arrested on 27 December 2016 by Iranian revolutionary guards and remains in detention ever since without charges. The IFJ and its Iranian affiliate the Association of Iranian journalists (AIJ) are concerned about her health and demand her immediate release. Tahereh Riahi is the chief editor for the social section of news agency Borna and used to work for Iranian newspapers Shargh and Mardom Emrooz. On 27 December 2016, members of Iran revolutionary guards came to her house, and after searching her home , they arrested her and took her to Evin prison. Riahi’s family claims that she has not been allowed any visit in custody since her arrest, nor could she meet with her lawyer. She could only make a few phone calls. Reports say that Iranian authorities had promised to release Riahi in January 2017 on 300 million tomans ($93,000 USD) bail, but they extended her detention order for an additional month after the family had already gathered the funds. The family says that the journalist is suffering ill health and sources say that the journalist has started having neurological problems in her cell. “We are very concerned about the health of Tahereh and question the reason for putting her in jail without charges,” said IFJ President Philippe Leruth.” We demand a swift reaction from the Iranian authorities to investigate the situation, provide our colleague with the medical support she needs and set her free immediately considering that no charges has been officially raised against her. The Iranian government is fully responsible for her health and safety and will be held accountable for these human rights abuses.”

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