Two Radio Journalists Fired After Covering Political Protest

Statement from the Nepal Press Union

Nepal Press Union strongly condemns the act of government owned Radio Nepal's management for firing two reporters on Thursday. Mr Murari Kumar Sharma of Dang District and Mr Uttam Hamal of Salyan District were working for Radio Nepal since eight years. Both are charged covering and despatching the news of joint peaceful movement against government by major five political parties. The Director of Radio Nepal Mr. Sailendra Raj Sharma says the decision of shacking two working journalists, was taken by the order from the Minister of Information and Communication Mr Ramesh Nath Pandey. Nepal Press Union strongly demands that the decision of Radio Nepal should be withdrawn and Mr. Sharma and Mr. Hamal must be reappointed. If journalists become victim because of reporting news, which is their primary duty, anyone can assume what is the situation of working journalists and press freedom of Nepal. Mr. Murari Kumar Sharma is National Vice President of Nepal Press Union and Hamal is National Council member of Nepal Press Union.

In Nepal, presently here is no parliament and elected government. The present nominated government is fully biased with Nepal Press Union's members. Nepal
Press Union is advocating for pluralism, press freedom, multiparty parliamentary system and elected and accountable government.

For the cost of covering that news Mr. Sharma and Mr. Hamal were become jobless though they both had contributed for Radio Nepal for 8 Years. This is totally injustice and inhumane. The firing of Mr. Sharma and Hamal is a revengeful act of Information and Communication minister of Nepal. From this case the rule of law and press freedom is collapsed in Nepal and autocratic behaviour is shown by authority. This case proves that a very critical and troublesome situation of press freedom in Nepal. Nepal Press Union strongly demands with government to rehire Mr. Sharma and Mr Hamal without any delay.

We expect solidarity and publicity about the situation of Nepalese journalists from press freedom organizations from all the world. Please send appeals to these authorities to reappoint Mr. Sharma and Mr Hamal and to honour press freedom and democracy. Please demand with these authorities to stop illtreatment with journalists and implement the Working Journalists Act and Regulation of Nepal Which is passed by Parliament six years before.

Please fax or email appeal to

  1. Rt. Hon'ble Mr. Lokendra Bahadur Chand
    Prime Minister of Nepal
    Fax: 9771226286, 9771227765
    email: [email protected] gov. np

  2. Hon'ble Mr. Ramesh Nath Pandey
    Minister for Information and Communication, HMG/Nepal
    Fax: 97714221729
    email: [email protected] com. np, [email protected] net. np

  3. Mr Sailendra Raj Sharma
    Radio Nepal
    Fax: 97714228652
    email: [email protected] wlink. com. np

  4. Mr. Nayan Bahadur Khatri
    Chairman, Nepal Human Right Commission
    Fax: 9771547973
    Email: [email protected] net. np