Newsletter: SNRP and IFJ hold a seminar on trade union strengthening and security for journalists in Mexico

26 - 28 November in Mexico City, the IFJ organised a national seminar with the Mexican National Union of Press Reporters (SNRP) to highlight the first phase in the three year union building and safety project funded by the Canadian trade union UNIFOR.

Like the workshops held earlier in the year in different regions throughout Mexico, the event aimed to empower Mexican journalists and press workers to generate the conditions for security, labour and trade union rights, and to reach a federal position in the SNRP.

Participating at the seminar were representatives from the delegations around the country who joined in the empowerment sessions and attended the presentation of the security protocol for journalists and the handbook on the labour rights of press workers drawn up by trade union contributors.

The IFJ highlighted the importance of this project, which is fundamental in consolidating the SNRP as a political and social actor that defends Mexican press workers.

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