EFJ Financing

The EFJ is mainly financed by membership fees of journalists' unions and associations across Europe, which represent around 60% of the budget.

In 2007, the European Federation of Journalists has a provisional budget of € 289,000.

The EFJ also receives support for specific projects from the European Commission under the budget line for social dialogue managed by the DG EMPLOY, from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the Open Society Fundation or other donor organiations. This external financing is linked to call for tenders in order to fulfill specific projetcs. It does not provide support for the core activities of the organisations (rent, salaries, etc) and does not interfere with the strategy and the goals of the organisation.

The EFJ endorsed the IFJ Ethical Investment Policy which governs its financial relations with outside bodies:

The IFJ, by its constitution, is first and foremost a confederation of trade unions of journalists and, as such, should be guided by the overall universal values of trade unionism such as social responsibility, social justice and civil liberty and the universal principles of journalism such as ethics and independence.

Before accepting funds from donors for any purpose the IFJ should ensure that they fulfil the criteria set out below:

That individuals, organisations, companies, foundations and governments which are providing such funds are committed to:

• core labour standards including recognition of trade unions
• principles of freedom of the press, broadcasting, speech and information
• human rights, the welfare of workers and respect for democratic values and good governance
• equal opportunity and to the elimination of discrimination
• genuine no-string attached aid to develop the human resources of local economies, organisations of workers and consumers and improve the environment

These principles should also apply to investment portfolios and banking arrangements.