Canada: UNIFOR’s media sector published new report on harassment of journalists

“Journalists and media workers have a fundamental right to do their work free from harassment. Unifor believes that media employers, unions, digital platforms, governments, politicians, the criminal justice system, Courts and Tribunals and members of the public all have a role to play in keeping them free from harm.”


On 16 February, the UNIFOR media section, the biggest union in Canada and an IFJ affiliate, published a new report on the state of harassment of journalists in the country. 

The report issued on 16 February highlights how journalists and media workers are often exposed to harassment, especially of a racist and sexist nature. In addition, women, workers of colour, indigenous workers and LGBTQ+ workers are disproportionately affected by harassment and online threats. The report also highlights how harassment of journalists is often targeted and has consequences on their personal lives. 

UNIFOR’s report also demonstrates how the rise of extreme right-wing ideologies and spread of fake news, coupled with the Covid crises and its consequences have contributed to a polarisation of the political discourse and the weaponization of harassment and abuse against journalists. 

To counter this harassment trend, UNIFOR calls on the development of a real supporting system for the victims of harassment, as well as accountability and awareness campaigns. The union also calls for holding the digital platforms accountable by imposing regulations and legislations to make them responsible for the content published on their website.  

Read the full report here.

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