IFJ Urges Nigeria to Launch Independent Investigation into “Inhumane” Beating of Cameraman by Police Officers

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today called on the Nigerian authorities to launch an independent investigation into the “inhumane” beating of Dare Folorunso, a cameraman with the state-owned Ondo State Radiovision Corporation, by police officers who accused him of shooting “offensive” video of female police officers.

“We firmly condemn this inhumane beating and we call on the Ondo State government to conduct an independent investigation on this action,” said Gabriel Baglo, director of the IFJ Africa office. “We express our solidarity with him and hope he will recover soon.”

On 1st May, Folorunso was assigned to cover the celebration of International Workers’ Day in Ondo State in South-western Nigeria at the Akure township stadium. While Folorunso was shooting in the stadium he was surrounded by about ten police officers who started beating him until he was unconscious. The cameraman was then rushed to the hospital where he was chained to the bed. He was later unchained after journalists and officials intervened.

According to local sources, Folorunso was attacked after some female police officers complained to their colleagues that the cameraman had recorded “offensive” video of them.

The IFJ urges the Nigerian government to take strong measures to stop the repeated attacks on media workers by security forces and to bring the perpetrators of such attacks to justice.

“In recognition of World Press Freedom Day we call on the government to ensure that journalists can work safely and freely in Nigeria,” Baglo said.

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