Union Building: Youth recruitment in the digital economy

As Europe’s media environment changes, work becomes more precarious and traditional media face challenges while digital media are on the rise. This project will help strengthen journalists unions to be able to adapt to the changing economic structures of the media and information sector and confront the challenges and take the opportunities arising from the changes.

Journalists unions must be able to engage with and help shape the newsroom and conditions of the future to ensure journalism can survive and flourish in the digital economy.

 In particular this project will enable journalists unions to:

  • Recognize the challenges facing them and prepare to embrace the threats and opportunities of organizing in the digital economy.
  • Research the impact of the digital economy and digital workplace on journalists. Reform how they operate and taken strategic steps to target and service journalists working in the new media and the digital economy.
  • Equip themselves with new skills required to communicate, recruit, retain and service young journalists, predominantly in the digital sector.
  • Enable young journalist leaders to receive training and support to improve their capacities to act as union leaders and engage and influence the union movement to ensure that it remains responsive to the needs of new generations.
  • Build collaboration between journalists unions and other unions operating in the information sector and digital economy to share best practice and common challenges.

Dates: 2018 – 2022

Location: Central and Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, Balkans, Turkey

This project is funded by UTU

Workshop in Ukraine

‘Unions need to shape the future for digital journalism’ was the message emerging from a two day workshop with union leaders and digital media activists held in Kiev 22 and 23 October.
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