IFJ Congress 2001: 23. Safety for journalists in danger

23. Safety for journalists in danger Proposed : Asociación Nacional de Periodistas del Peru The 24th IFJ Congress, meeting in Seoul on June 11th to June 15th, 2001 Considering: That the IFJ has a main principles and objectives to promote the co-operation between its members, and co-ordinate actions to guarantee the journalists’ safety, That the IFJ Security Programme requires the collaboration from the journalists’ unions to extend its international solidarity commitment; That there are in Latin America journalists that receive death threats and are also chased by doing their journalistic work and require a refuge outside their country; That the National Association of Journalists (ANP) has a shelter for journalists in danger, created during the terrorism years in Peru; That democracy has been re-established in Peru, proposes · To establish the Latin American emergency shelter for journalists in danger in its Peruvian affiliated member (ANP); · That these journalists will collaborate with the ANP union works during their time in Peru, following their own personal skills and interests.