The IFJ safety fund

The IFJ’s Safety Fund is a lifeline for journalists facing violence, persecution and threat or needing medical treatment. It is a shining example of journalist to journalist solidarity, providing immediate relief to those in danger and need around the world.

The Safety Fund offers financial assistance in a range of emergency cases such as threats, violence and threats thereof, prosecution, settlement in exile and illness.

The IFJ Safety Fund can only continue to assist journalists with YOUR ongoing support.

If you want to make a one-off donation, click here. 

Members can also donate a small amount from their monthly pay on a regular basis.

To donate, please make a bank transfer to the IFJ Safety Fund Account:


From Gaza to Belgium
Sarhan Abukalloub (37) is a journalist and documentary film-maker born and raised in Gaza, Palestine. His work as a journalist left him facing several threats and abuses such as arbitrary detentions and physical attacks that forced him to flee. In an interview with the IFJ, he explains his story and how the IFJ Safety Fund helped him to get asylum in Belgium and start a new life. Read more