IFJ White Paper on Global Journalism

The IFJ has published a reference document: the White Paper on Global Journalism. In addition to studies on freedom of expression, working conditions, youth or gender equality, the IFJ reports in this 62-page document that 2658 journalists have been murdered since 1990, 65 of them in 2020, and 235 are currently in prison.

The publication of this White Paper on Global Journalism, coordinated by the IFJ General Secretary, is a response to the questions that everyone may have, because its scope covers all trade union fields accross our profession (safety and protection of journalists, ethics, quality of information, gender equality, youth, working conditions, salaries) and it shows in detail all the work that has been carried out by the IFJ in recent years. 

The White Paper is also an opportunity for the IFJ to mark the 30th anniversary of the "The List of Journalists Killed" (1990-2020) that we publish annually. The remarkable analysis you will read is a vibrant tribute to the 2658 journalists who have lost their lives since 1990 while carrying out their mission to inform.

Click here to download the White Paper on Global Journalism

Or download it by chapters:

Chapter 1 - Journalists killed and jailed

Chapter 2 - International Convention on the Safety of Journalists

Chapter 3 - Global Platform for Quality Journalism and Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists

Chapter 4 - The future of journalism

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