Yemen: three media workers killed in two attacks

Media workers Mohammed Naser Al-Washali, Abdullah Al-Najjar and Abdullah Al Qadry were killed in two separate attacks in Yemen last week.

Yemen TV producer Mohammed Naser al-Washali and set decorator Abdullah Al-Najjar, who were filming a drama TV series, were killed on 12 April by a missile fired by the Saudi-led coalition, according to the Yemeni Journalists’ Syndicate (YJS), an IFJ affiliate.

In addition, news photographer and camera operator Abdullah Al Qadry, working for Belquees TV and AFP French news agency, was also killed after a rocket fired by the Houthi group set his vehicle on fire. During the incident, journalists Waleed Al-Ga’ouir and Ziyab Al-Shater, who were also in the car, were injured, the YJS added.

The IFJ and the YJS offered their sincere condolences to the families of the killed media workers. They have also urged all media outlets to provide protective equipment to journalists and photographers and to train them on occupational safety procedures during the coverage of the conflicts.

“We are appalled by the loss of our three colleagues in Yemen, during what feels like a never-ending conflict,” said IFJ General Secretary, Anthony Bellanger. “We call on the Saudi-led coalition to take responsibility for their killing of media workers and we demand a thorough and transparent investigation to explain why they bombed a filming location. Those responsible must be held accountable.”

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