Newsletter: Crimes against Latin American journalists in the second quarter of the year

The second quarter of 2015 ended with a total of six  deaths among Latin American journalists. They were killed as a direct result of their journalism work.

Filadelfo Sánchez Sarmiento, from Mexico, who died after being shot at least seven times in front of the radio station where he worked.

Juan Mendoza Delgado, from Mexico, who died in unexplained circumstances.

Rubén Espinosa, from Mexico, who was murdered along with four other people after seeking refuge in Mexico City following death threats. The five victims’ bodies showed signs of torture and had their hands tied.

Adrián Martínez López, from Mexico, who was taken from his place of work to an area of open ground, tied up, tortured and killed.

Gledyson Carvalho, from Brazil, murdered by a hired killer at his place of work in a radio broadcasting station. He had previously been threatened for having reported about corruption.

Flor Alba Nuñez, from Colombia, murdered by a hired killer as she was entering the radio broadcasting station where she worked. She had previously received anonymous threats for having published investigations about certain criminal activities. 

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