New attacks against newspapers in Turkey

Some masked people have attacked pro-governmental Turkish daily newspapers Yeni Safak and Yeni Akit with bombs and guns on February 11 in Istanbul. 

According to media reports, a group of unidentified 3-4 masked people attacked with Molotov cocktails and guns the headquarters of Yeni Safak daily newspaper at 5 am in Istanbul. At around 5.30 am, the building of Yeni Akit newspaper in Istanbul experienced the same type of attack with Molotov cocktails thrown at the parking area. No physical casualties were reported and the local police started an investigation.

The Journalists Association of Turkey (TGC) condemned the attack in a statement.

The International and European Federations of Journalists, (IFJ) and (EFJ), representing around 600,000 reporters in the world, have condemned both attacks and have alerted the Council of Europe’s platform on media freedom and the Mapping Media Freedom project about these violations.

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