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Every week the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is compiling a list of the top news articles from across the world in which it is mentioned.

Read some of the news highlights from Friday 9th December to Friday 16th December:

1. Hooray For The Russian Hackers, Boo To The Kremlin

2. Apoyo a EL MUNDO por su investigación

3. Corte Suprema analizará el caso de periodista holandés

4. Irak: le directeur de la radio de Kirkouk a été abattu

5. Maroc : la FIJ demande l’abandon des poursuites en diffamation contre le président du SNPM

6. On China, Trump could be most influential president since Nixon

7. IFJ condemns attacks, restrictions on media in occupied Kashmir

8. IFJ demands action against Lanka Navy chief

9. Lebanon: Solidarity pledged in Face of Massive Lay-Offs and Unpaid Wages

10. Liban: Solidarité face aux licenciements massifs et aux salaires impayés

11. December 15 is observed in Russia as a remembrance day in memory of journalists who died while performing their professional duties

12. Letters: We should not be censoring press freedoms, Russian or otherwise

13. IFJ resolution condemns attacks, curbs on media in Kashmir

14. Hambantota attack; Test of the government’s sincerity

15. Proces LuxLeaks: la FEJ et la FIJ soutiennent les inculpés

16. International Federation of Journalists condemns the attack of Hiru Journo by the Navy commander 

17. Victory for Freedom of Expression 

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