IFJ denounces eviction of RFI correspondent by Chadian authorities

The Chadian authorities expelled, by force and without explanation, Laurent Correau,  RFI correspondent, who came to make a series of reports on the ground ahead of the trial of Hissène Habré, a project for which he had made contact with the Chadian authorities at the time of his arrival.

Two men presenting themselves as officers of airline and border police came to apprehend Laurent Correau while he was dining at his hotel with Reed Brody, the deputy spokesperson of Human Rights Watch. In the discussion that followed, the two Chadian officers slapped Reed Brody and Laurent Correau. The latter was driven to the airport and sent back to Paris in a plane without being able to contact the French embassy beforehand.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) supports his French affiliates, the SNJ, the SNJ-CGT and the CFDT  who are protesting vigorously against this press freedom breach  that worsens when combined with unnecessary violence against a journalist who came to do his work while respecting the rules in effect in Chad.