The International Federation of Journalists draws your attention to a new trade union health and safety resources

Risks is a weekly health and safety "ezine". This health and safety bulletin is available on the internet. To register to receive weekly notification of the latest issue, go to: This resource is prepared on behalf of the UK Trades Union Congress, although the focus goes beyond the UK.

Risks 17 - 1 September 2001 This week's online bulletin covers many issues of concern to journalists' unions, including violence, passive smoking and work-life balance The link for this issue is:

To see previous issues, go to:

Resources on worker-friendly, easy to undertake workplace health and safety research can be found at:

And examples of trade union health and safety campaigns around the world can be seen at: Many of these campaigns are on topics of concern to journalists' unions, including bullying, overwork, stress and strain injuries. New resources on overwork and work-life balance will shortly be added to these pages.

If you have any comments on these resources, or would like assistance with any workplace health and safety issues, please contact Rory O'Neill: Health and environment officer, International Federation of Journalists, Hazards magazine Email:

The IFJ represents around 500,000 journalists in 106 countries.

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