Solidarity with media workers of Antena 3 TV, Spain


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Model of letter to the management of Antena 3 TV

Sr.D. Maurizio Carlotti

Consejero Delegado

Antena 3 TV

Dear Sir,

I address you this letter of concern about the resiliation of working contracts for employees of Antena 3 TV. The intention of the company to dismiss 390 workers (25% of the total number of the 1605 employees) is totally arbitrary and injustified.

The incomes of Antena 3 TV over the past four years were over 474 millions of Euro, meaning that this is not a case of a company having economical problems that would justify measures against employees.

This management strategy follows a logic of implementation of a model of private television with unstable employment and low level of in-house production. In front of this situation, we support another model of television, with stable employment and well regulated policies.

We restate our petition to stop the dismissals at Antena 3 TV and to support negociations with the Spanish unions. We support workers of Antena 3 TV and the organisations that represent them.

Yours sincerely,


Demonstration of 600 Employees of Antena 3 TV on 10 September 2003: