RTP Workers Denounce Plans for Downsizing

Press release from the unions at RTP

The workers of RTP, Portuguese public television network, at a general meeting, considering:

1º. That the unions and the workers committee (CT), in separate reunions with the Board of Directors from RTP, have drawn different conclusions from the explanations given over the future of the workers and of the company to be created by the government to broadcast the television public service;

2º. Contradictory answers were given to the same questions risen by the different organizations representative of the workers;

3º. The Board of Directors does not give any information over the model in which they intend to conduct the management of the company;

4º. Even though the Board of Directors has claimed that de O.S. nº 19, of 11th September 2002 *, intends only to gather information over the number of workers who are available to terminate their working contract with RTP, already have been created some pressure over the workers to do so, by means of letting them know that some departments of RTP are to be extinguished (i.e.: Cabinet for Legal Guidance);

5º. Although the Board of Directors has said to be sensible to the situation of the workers with more low revenues in the case of being let go, they have not demonstrate any concrete intention of doing so;

In this context, the workers of RTP have mandate the organizations representative of the workers to:

1º. To create a sindicate of these organizations to negotiate together with the Board of RTP;

2º. Demand from the Board of Directors concrete and detailed information over the nature and depth of the problems of the company and also the right of these organizations to participate in the future analysis and resolution of those problems;

3º. Demand the immediate definition of ESTATUTO of the RTP’s workers and RTP’s partner companies;

4º. Firmly deny the possibility of endanger the Company Agreement over the workers rights and duties, without compromising the possibility of its revising nor the necessity of the working relations between the two parts being conditioned to a common and general document;

5º. Demand for an immediate meeting with the Board of Directors to discuss and clarify the situation of the RTP’s workers and RTP’s partner companies.

The under signed organizations and RTP’s workers consider totally out of time and unjustified any attempting of pressure over the workers to reduce their number, without knowing first and discuss the real intentions, the strategic project, the model and the objectives for a decision on the resources needed to do so.

Lisbon, 19th September 2002

Comissão de Trabalhadores da RTP (Workers Committee)

Sindicato dos Jornalistas (Journalists Trade Union)

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores das Telecomunicações

Sindicatos dos Trabalhadores do Audiovisual

Sindicato dos Trabalhadores dos Meios Audiovisuais

Sindicato dos Engenheiros Técnicos

Sindicatos dos Enfermeiros Portugueses SEP

Federação dos Sindicatos dos Trabalhadores dos Escritórios e Serviços