Roman Nezhyborets, Zoreslav Zamoysky

The bodies of the two journalists were foundin Bucha and Yahidne, following withdrawal of the Russian forces from the region. Roman Nezhyborets’ body was found buried in the northern village of Yahidne, and Zamoysky’s body was found in Bucha, near Kyiv.

Nezhyborets worked as a video editor for Dytynets, a privately owned TV broadcaster. Russian forces occupied Yahidne on 5 March. Nezhyborets, who was sheltered with his family in Yahidne, attempted to hide evidence of his work with Dytynets, and called his mother to ask that she notify his friends and colleagues that he should be removed from group chats for Dytynets workers, according to his mother. After Russian forces withdrew from the city, Ukrainian volunteers found Nezhyborets’ body in a grave in Yahidne, with gunshot wounds to his knees and his hands tied.

According to the Ukrainian National Union of Journalists (NUJU), an IFJ’s affiliate, the body of Zoreslav Zamoyskywas found by local residents in Bucha on a street in the city in early April. He had covered the activities of local authorities in the region around Bucha and the city of Irpin as a freelancer for his outlet and other local media groups. His last post on Facebook was published on 4 March.

Source : Council of Europe’s Platform for the Promotion of Journalism and the Safety of Journalists