IFJ Warning As Journalists Are Caught in West Bank Crossfire

The IFJ today called for all sides in the sudden upsurge in violence in the West Bank to respect the rights of journalists and to avoid targeting civilians. The IFJ warned that journalists were at risk as both sides in the conflict are trying to prevent negative media coverage of the clashes over the past days.

According to the IFJ's Palestinian affiliate the following journalists were caught in the crossfire Khalid Alzagary, Amer Alga'bary, Mazen Da'na, Wa'el Alshiokhy, and Wafeek Matar.

"These colleagues are endangered because of escalating violence that shows no respect for life or human rights. It is vital that the leaders of both the Palestinian and Israeli authorities issue clear instructions to their security forces not to target journalists and media staff and to try to provide some form of protection for them," said the IFJ.