IFJ Invites Journalists and Public to Screening of Groundbreaking Documentary

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is

inviting journalists and the public to a free screening of renowned filmmaker

Nikos Megrelis' award winning documentary ‘Shooting

v Shooting: Dying for the Truth' in Brussels on Monday, 8 April, at 2pm.

The groundbreaking documentary, which tells the

powerful, real time stories of journalists attacked and killed during the war

in Iraq, is being held on 8th April to mark the anniversary of the American

attack on the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad in which two journalists died.

Mr Megrelis, a highly respected Greek journalist and

filmmaker with over 30 years' experience in daily newspapers and TV channels,

will make a presentation to introduce the film screening. Following the

screening there will be a round table discussion.


documentary presentation and screening are being held on Monday 8 April at 2pm

in Brussels Press Club, Rue Froissant 95, 1000 Brussels.