Trade Union Development in Zambia - workshop report

The Zambia Union of Journalists and the IFJ organised a training workshop on trade union development in late September 2003, gathering ZUJ representatives and shop stewards from the North of the country. The meeting was supported by the European Commission, within the framework of the Media for Democracy programme.

The workshop addressed a number of issues, including the prospects and challenges of trade unionism in the country, collective bargaining, professional ethics and ZUJ internal structures and challenges. A resolution was adopted by the participants, calling notably for further exchanges of experience with neighbouring countries (ethics is a particular subject of concern) and expressing solidarity with the journalists of the Daily News in Zimbabwe.

Workshop report (Chief Rapporteur – Amos Chanda, Features Editor, Zambia Daily Mail):

Trade Union Development Workshop in Zambia, Baluba Motel, Luanshya, 18th to 20th September, 2003.



1. Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics

2. Trade Union Development—Prospects and Challenges

3. Collective Bargaining

Resolutions adopted by the participants of the workshop

Workshop Agenda (Word format)