NUJP welcomes SC’s indefinite extension of TRO on Cybercrime Law

Media Release: Philippines                                                                                                                             


6, 2013


The International Federation of Journalists

joins its affiliate the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines in

welcoming the Supreme Court decision on Tuesday, February 5, 2013, indefinitely

extending the temporary restraining order on the implementation of the Cybercrime

Prevention Law.


The ruling is a victory for all those who

oppose a statute that would serve to effectively stifle free expression, the

free flow of information, the right to privacy and a host of other rights and



While congratulating the lawyers who made a

convincing argument as to why this law is unjust and everyone who stood firm in

the defense of fundamental freedoms and human rights, the IFJ warns against



The IFJ joins the NUJP is calling for the

removal of Cybercrime Prevention Law and calls on the government of the

Philippines to enact the FOI bill immediately. “We are concerned that the

government of the Philippines continues to delay the passing of the FOI bill,

which clearly stands against their stated commitment to press freedom” IFJ





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