IFJ to Send Mission as Press Freedom Comes Under Fire in the Philippines

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the global organisation representing over 500,000 journalists worldwide, today expressed concern over the brutal murder of photojournalist Allan Dizon in the Philippines. His death raises the journalist death toll to four in November alone.

“The killers appear to be stepping up the violence. It sends a clear message to the Government that their rhetoric about press freedom and justice for journalists is just that - rhetoric, “said IFJ President Christopher Warren.

Allan Dizon, photojournalist of The Freeman and Banat News died at 8:27pm on Saturday 27 November at the Cebu Medical Center from two gunshot wounds to the body. Witnesses reported that Dizon was chased by a lone assailant in a helmet up the back of SM City Mall. He was shot twice before the assailant jumped onto a waiting motorcycle and escaped.

Police are still investigating Dizon’s murder and are yet to determine a motive or make any arrests in connection to the case.

Dizon is the fourth journalist to be killed in a month and the twelfth to be killed in 2004.

The IFJ will be sending a delegation of journalists and officials to the Philippines in early January. The mission will travel to the most affected provinces and will meet with senior government officials to discuss the culture of impunity that appears to be responsible for the rising death toll of journalists.

“How many more journalists have to die before the Philippines Government will put their words into action? The people responsible for these deaths are not being prosecuted and until they do journalists will continue to die. It is well and truly time for this culture of impunity to end.“ said Warren

For more information contact Christopher Warren: +61 (0) 411 757 668

The IFJ represents more than 500,000 journalists in more than 100 countries