BEMAWU-MWASA Statement on SABC Wage Negociations

On Monday 22/09/2003 MWASA and BEMAWU received a letter from the SABC announcing the Corporation's "disappointment" at the rejection of the 8.25% offered to the members of the two unions.

The SABC letter further reads:

" In an effort to bring a resolve to the existing impasse and dispute on wages, Management proposes a third party intervention in accordance with the provisions of Sec 150(sic) of the Labour Relations Act of 1995. We [SABC] have already made an intervention request to the CCMA and they have indicated their willingness to avail a Senior Commissioner on Monday 29 September 2003".

{S.150 (1) reads:"If the Commission is aware of a dispute that has not been referred to it, and if the resolution of the dispute would be in the public interest, the Commission may offer to appoint a commissioner to attempt to resolve the dispute through conciliation."}

The Unions have however already referred a joint dispute in terms of the CCMA dispute resolution procedures specifically S.135 and will avail themselves for the meeting set down for Monday 29 September 2003.This means that if the parties fail to resolve this dispute then a certificate will be issued by the Commission granting the Unions leave to decide on any further action of their choice.

A feedback meeting will be arranged to brief members of the outcome of the conciliation and to chart a way forward.

For further details,contact:

Hannes (BEMAWU) 082 920 8669

Tuwani (MWASA) 082 679 9057