Another Murder Attempt on Journalist: a Consequence of the Cult of Impunity



release: Sri Lanka                                                                                  


18, 2013



The International

Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins partners and affiliates in Sri Lanka in

condemning the murderous attack on Faraz Shaukataly, a reporter with the Sunday Leader newspaper on the night of

February 15.


According to

reports from Sri Lanka’s Free Media Movement (FMM) Shaukataly was at his home

and had just finished a telephone conversation when he was shot at by three

armed intruders. He was injured in his neck and has since been under intensive

care in a Colombo hospital.


Sources in Sri

Lanka indicate that Shaukataly had been engaged in a number of investigative

stories involving revelations of possible wrongdoing by senior public figures

in Sri Lanka. There are also suspicions that he may have been marked out for

vendetta after a story was published under his byline on the country’s casino



The IFJ would like

to underline the point the FMM makes, that this murderous attack on a

journalist is a direct consequence of “a history of uninvestigated incidents

where no one has been brought to justice for committing violence against the



“The inability of

the law enforcement agencies in Sri Lanka to charge and penalise individuals

who have engaged in unlawful behaviour is a reflection of how far we have

strayed from the path of democracy and human rights”, says the FMM.


The IFJ demands that

the authorities in Sri Lanka fulfil their promises of taking attacks on media seriously, and launch a

credible investigation into this assault immediately.


“We call for a

break with the culture of impunity that has been encouraged through years of

civil war and bitter political partisanship in Sri Lanka”, said the IFJ



“Without visible

progress in checking impunity and enforcing accountability for the atrocities

of the past, progress towards national reconciliation will be impossible”.



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