UK : PSB review in 2004

Source : Office of Communications (Ofcom).


- The first of the major reviews is in relation to public service broadcasting

- Ofcom is required by the Communications Act 2003 to conduct a review of public service broadcasting television every five years. The time is right for this review to be conducted in 2004/5 given changing consumer needs in relation to broadcast TV, the increasingly important role of digital TV and the competitive pressures affecting commercial public service broadcasters

Objectives :

- review extent to which public service broadcasters provide services which when taken together, fulfil the purposes of public service television broadcasting; and

- provide recommendations aimed at maintaining and strengthening the quality of public service television

Key operating priorities :

- a radical but evidence-based approach to reviewing PSB requirements as set out by the Communications Act;

- recognising technology change, consumer sentiments, changes in funding, ownership and the increasingly competitive broadcasting market; and

- use of innovative application of analytical techniques to address the issue of how best to intervene in the broadcasting market in a world which will be largely digital in future

Outcomes :

- a definition of PSB fit for the future;

- a new set of proposals for funding, regulation and monitoring commercial PSB in the UK, clearly setting out the identity, rights and obligations of these broadcasters; and

- input to BBC Charter review

Lead groups/contacts :

Robin Foster, Strategy Development Partner : [email protected]

Tim Suter, Content and Standards, Partner : [email protected]

Timing of key outputs :

· spring 2004 - PSB roadshows

· summer - consultation document for phase three of the research

· autumn - phase three report