Stand up for Journalism Campaign 2009


The EFJ and

the Belgian Association of Journalists (AGJPB/ABVV) have unveiled a banner in the

International Press

Center in Brussels calling for Ethical Journalism, Quality

Information, Real Democracy'.

The Union of Bulgarian

Journalists (UBJ) chose the eve of the "Stand up for Journalism" day to hold

its official ceremony for awarding the prestigious annual prizes of the Union for best 

professional achievements.

The Austrian

Journalists Union (Journalistengewerkschaft in der GPA-djp) sent a petition to

Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann, Vice Chancellor Josef Pröll and

Media Secretary Josef Ostermayer, regarding the state of the public

broadcasting services, labour law, collective agreements for journalists and

the integration of online media in Austrian media law.

  The union of journalists KMSfB organises a forum for journalists

in Innsbrück on the theme "blogs, citizen-journalism and financial crisis:

a deadly threat for journalists?". A letter was sent to all members of the

Austrian Parliament

A round

table discussion has been organized in the Journalists' Home by the Croatian

Journalists' Association and Union of Journalists of Zagreb.

The Danish

Union of Journalists called for more quality, diversity and pluralism in the

Danish media, as well as stable financial support for future public

broadcasting services.


A keynote article by the president of the Union of

Journalists, Arto Nieminen, was published in at least a dozen national and

regional newspapers, and has lead to a real debate over the issue of media

support for quality journalism and better working conditions.



journalists' unions leaders sent a joint open letter to President Sarkozy to

deplore the situation of quality journalism in France. A press release was relayed

by press agencies and some national dailies.

The Deutscher Journalisten Verband (DJV) circulated a

press release calling on citizens and politicians to actively defend freedom of

the media and free reporting throughout Europe.

Michael Konken, DJV President also called for the need to make the Stand Up for Journalism Day as a wider

social issue concerning the rights of all citizens.

The union of journalists

DJU in Ver.di will organise a broad debate on the journalists' profession at

the occasion of its Congress later in the month, called "Vom Wert unserer

Arbeit" (From the Value of our Work"). For the 5th November the dju

released a press release referring to the media crisis and the Varna

declaration, which had been adopted at this year's EFJ Annual meeting in Varna as a unions'

response to the enormous transitions taking place in the sector.



Journalists' Union of Macedonia and Thrace Daily Newspapers (ESIEMTH) ihold a

one-day conference entitled New Media,

New Roles for the Journalists, on November 12 with an intervention of

James Doherty, the President of the National Union of Journalists of the



November 6,  

the NUJ in Ireland  was

joined by students from the Dublin

colleges and supported the National Trade Union Congress campaign

"Get Up and Stand Up" to get involved and highlight the plight of

journalists. On November 5 the Irish Executive Council was holding a meeting in

Dublin to

discuss the challenges facing the media industry.


Federazione Nazionale della Stampa Italiana organised a debate and a press

conference on media freedom and freedom of information in their headquarters in

Rome, and then

issued a press release.


affiliates, Impressum and Comedia handed over a petition for fair remuneration

of freelance photojournalists resisting publishers' attempt to impose unfair


The Journalists

Union of Serbia and Journalists Association of Serbia marked the anniversary

with heated debate at the Department of the Faculty of Journalism in the city

of Nis and

called for better protection of journalists' rights.

The Slovak

Syndicate of Journalists hold a press conference at the occasion of the launch

of a special publication on legal protection for

journalists regarding press freedom

The Trade

Union of Journalists of Slovenia issue a statement available at

EFJ affiliates organises protests and

public demonstrations in Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid

and Cadix.


Journalists' Union of Turkey (Türkiye Gazeteciler Sendikas? - TGS) made three

demonstrations and a joint declaration calling for the Turkish authorities to

respect the rights of trade unions, collective agreements for journalists and

journalists' fundamental human rights.


EFJ Campaign "Stand Up For Journalism" has now become a major regular

event. On that day, journalists across Europe and in other places of the

world come together in solidarity with their colleagues to spotlight

some of the challenges they face. Last year we tried to extend Stand Up

for Journalism globally and we hope this year it will even be more


One year after the beginning of the global financial

crisis which has severely affected media workers through restructurings

and massive lay-offs, a bleak future in journalism and media is

chilling. At its last Annual Meeting, the EFJ adoped the Varna

Declaration, "Journalism at the Vanguard of Change", which calls for a

continental campaign to revive commitments to public service values in

media and quality journalism and which also highlight the importance of a

society of values, dialogue and press freedom for all.

On 5 November 2009 or around the 5th November, unions in Europe and around the world can plan an activity or

highlight a campaign in their country as part of a worldwide week

focusing on journalists' issues.