IFJ Condemns Violent Bomb Attack on Sri Lankan Newspaper

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the global organisation representing more than 500,000 journalists in over 110 countries, has condemned a violent attack against a Sri Lankan newspaper that killed a security guard.

According to IFJ sources, on August 29, two unidentified attackers threw grenades towards the door of Sudaroli printing press. A security guard was injured and later died in Colombo General Hospital while two others were wounded and are receiving treatment.

The IFJ called on the Sri Lankan government to investigate the attack and put a stop to the culture of impunity that has become apparent as growing violence against journalists goes unpunished.

"This is a vicious attempt to silence an independent media source and one that cannot be tolerated," said IFJ President Christopher Warren.

"Diversity of the media is the key to a vibrant media landscape and the backbone of a free democratic society," said the IFJ President.

"The rights of the press to report freely must be upheld and I urge the Sri Lankan government to take swift action in finding and prosecuting those involved in this violent and deadly attack," said Warren.

The IFJ condemns any actions that threaten the freedom and diversity of the independent media and urges all political parties to respect press rights.

For more information please contact Christopher Warren +61 (0) 411 757 668

The IFJ represents more than 500,000 journalists in more than 110 countries