AJOC, IFJ Hold Seminar on Digital Organising

Associacao Dos Jornalistas de Cabo Verde (AJOC) in collaboration with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) under the UTU Project 2020 held a two –day seminar on Digital Organising, Youth Recruitment and Trade Union Reform from 4- 5 December in Praia.

President of AJOC, Carlos Santos


The seminar brought together 26 young journalists who work online and in other media sectors as well as final year journalist student.

The objective of the seminar was to create awareness on trade union issues among young journalists especially those working online and to develop strategies to recruit journalists working online into the union.

The seminar deliberated extensively on issues concerning the working conditions of journalists in the media in Cape Verde as well as  other relevant themes including Media convergence;  Unions, Journalists and the digital space: How can we expand the category of our members to include other professionals working in digital media; The recruitment of young journalists as a crucial factor for improving the survival and sustainability of unions; Online  bullying and trolling a threat to women journalists working online; and Collaborative journalism and sources in cyberspace - How social networks be utilise Effectively.

The President of AJOC, Carlos Santos, in his address to the participants at the seminar said that organising in the digital media is a challenge that every union will have to undertake due to the current nature of our work. This is the new normal in the media today, he said. “Are we ready to organise, mobilise and attract young journalists professionals taking into account their multiple skills? If so, what strategies should the union put in place to entice and motivate young journalists knowing that the sustainability of our organisation depend on the ability to rejuvenate”.

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