Free RFI Reporter Moussa Kaka

Attached a sample letter asking for the liberation of Moussa Kaka, the correspondent of Radio France Internationale (RFI) in Niger, who has been in jail since September 2007. On the occasion of the World Pres Freedom Day, we ask IFJ members to send or deliver personally to the Niger Embassy in your country a letter that puts pressure on the Niger government, who depends mostly on the developments aids of the Western countries and particularly the European ones, to release him. As May 3 falls this year during a long holiday week end, members of the EFJ/IFJ can send the letter as late as Monday, May 5. Please note the letter has been edited for a May 5 sending date and refers to World Press Freedom day in the past tense.

You can also sign an on-line petition at: 

Who is Moussa Kaka?
A Radio France Internationale (RFI) Nigerian correspondent since 1993, he has been accused by the authorities of aiding the Touareg rebellion, because of contacts he had with rebels in the course of his work of journalist. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life emprisonnement.

Kaka has been working with RFI since 1993. The same year, Niger elected Mahamane Ousmane president. The previous year, the country had adopted a new constitution, which officially allowed multiple political parties. Kaka worked before for print media. He wrote his first articles for the Niger newspaper Le Républicain. While a correspondent for RFI, he was also the director of the private radio Saraounia, one of the main stations of the local FM band.

Kaka was arrested on Friday September 19, 2007. He has been charged with “collusion in an attack on the safety of the State” and may be sentenced to life imprisonment. 

The authorities blame him for his presumed links with the Touareg rebellion in the northern part of Niger. His contacts with the rebels were all in the course of his work as a journalist. Amnesty International considers him a political prisoner.

For more information you can contact the Committee to Support Mousa :

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