FES/IFJ Conference for Journalists in Central Asia

Organising for Editorial Independence and Reform of Public Broadcasting

A FES/IFJ Conference for Journalists in Central Asia
Almaty, 31 January – 2 February 2002</CENTER>



9:30 Welcome
President of Kazakh Union or any other Central Asia union
Representatives from IFJ and FES

10:00 Broadcasting: To Serve the Public not the State
Contribution and Response by IFJ PSB Expert – Outlining basic principles of PSB
Editorial Independence, Financial transparency, political independence, objectivity, accountability.

10.30 Status of Broadcasting in different Central Asian Countries - Overview
Focus on Editorial Independence

11:00 Discussions

11.30 Coffee break

11:45 Continuation of discussions with
Focus on Zagreb Declaration on Editorial Independence, IFJ PSB Expert

Identify problems and areas of activity, Regulations, Working conditions, Financial resources / transparency
Independence, Political interference, Public Service Values in all media.
“Do private broadcaster give more editorial independence?”

13:00 Lunch

14.30 Working Groups: Adapting Zagreb declaration for the region -
A Checklist for Editorial Independence in Broadcasting

Working Group I
Structures for Broadcasting: How to Ensure that They Are Independent and Transparent?
Minimum standards, Are the Council of Europe standards a workable model for the region?

Working Group II
Campaign for minimum standards for Editorial Independence in Broadcasting (state + private)
What should journalists unions / media professional be doing

16:30 Coffee Break

16:45 Reforming Broadcasting: A Checklist for Editorial Independence
Reports of Working Group I and II

Debate on actions and initiatives

17:45 Closing Addresses:

18:15 End