Executive Committee Meeting, Brussels 23-24 October 2004

Documents for Executive Committee Meeting in Brussels :

Invitation Letter
Registration Form
IFJ Executive Committee timetable

Report EC 25 and 30 May

Athens Congress Follow-Up
Projects Report
IFJ Authors' Rights campaign: March-November 2004
Report of the EFJ Office
Activity Report: Public Broadcasting Campaign
IFJ Asia-Pacific Project Office Report
Latin America Report, October 2004
Activities developed by the Latin-American Regional office since the IFJ Congress
Future Planning
Actions to Improve Protection of Journalists (Geneva meeting)
IFJ Human Rights and Safety Fund - Report of Activities

IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize
2003 IFJ Journalism for Tolerance Prize - Regional Breakdowns
Seoul Resolution on the Code of Conduct (2001)
Comment from IFJ Australian affiliate on Seoul Resolution (Code of Conduct)
ISF Rules
IFEX Report
Belarus Report
Tunis Report
Somalia Report
Africa Report
EP Intergroup on media
War and Terror Conference in Bilbao

Report of the Treasurer (WORD)
Annexes to the Report of the Treasurer (EXCEL)
1) Finance Report January to September 30 2004 - Budget 2004 & 2005 (Income and Expenditure)
2) Situation of IFJ Fees due
3) Safety Fund Update
4) Assistance Fund for Congress (Detailed expenses) + Expenses Panelists and Speakers + Technical Equipment and Other costs + situation of registration fees received.

Membership Applications:
Cover page for United Arab Emirates Journalists' Association
Membership Form for United Arab Emirates Journalists' Association

Cover page for Journalists Association of Korea

Cover page and statute of Romania Journalists Sindicate
Cover page 2 for Romania Journalists Sindicate
Membership form for Romania Journalists Sindicate
Comments for Romania Journalists Sindicate

Cover page for SJT, Tunisia
Constitution of SJT, Tunisia
Membership form for SJT, Tunisia

Cover page 1 for Mali (upgrade)
Cover page 2 for Mali (upgrade)

Congo: SNPP Constitution