After the Olympics: New Debate on Media and Sports

IFJ Announces Global Conference for Sports Journalists

The International Federation of Journalists today invited sports journalists from around the globe to attend the 2nd world conference on journalism and sports. The conference Play the game - reaching for democracy in sports will take place in Copenhagen on November 12th-16th and will provide a platform of discussion on key issues such as:

Big business in sports and media;


Corruption in sports;

Sports and media in nation building;

Beyond football: the forgotten disciplines.

Leading sports personalities and journalists will address the conference including:

Dick Pound, IOC Member;

Sandro Donati, Italian sports personality fighting against doping;

Pete Clifton, BBC Sports on-line;

Mike Boit, former Kenyan running champion.
"Waking up after the celebrations of the Sydney Olympics journalists believe that the debate on doping and on corruption in sports needs to continue", said IFJ President Christopher Warren. "It is not enough any longer to report on the goals and the medals, sport is now big business entwined with global media corporations, and needs to be subject to close scrutiny."

The IFJ said that the Play the game conference would give journalists from around the world the opportunity to reflect on their work, make new contacts and get different perspectives on reporting sports today.

Journalists from over 40 countries have already signed up for the event. More information is available on the conference web-site:PLAY THE GAME