Philippines: Presidential spokesperson accuses CNN journalist of a misleading report

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque accused CNN Philippines journalist Triciah Terada of misquoting him despite never writing the report containing the alleged misquote. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and its affiliate the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) express disappointment at Roque's conduct and call on the government to resolve disputes professionally.

A man reads an announcement by CNN Philippines at their building in Manila on March 18, 2020. Credit: TED ALJIBE / AFP

During an online press briefing on May 19, Roque blamed Terada for quoting him ‘out of context’ in the CNN Philippines’ report on mass testing titled “Up to private sector to carry out mass testing, Roque says amid limited testing capacity”. Contradicting Rogue, CNN Philippines disclosed Terada did not write the disputed story.

CNN Philippines said: "It is likewise regrettable that Ms. Terada was not given a chance to challenge the allegations made against her and defend herself from the public attack that could harm her reputation as a journalist and a professional."

NUJP said Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque owes CNN Philippines and its reporter Triciah Terada an apology for his allegations. “Officials who earn public ire for their pronouncements should not blame journalists who are merely doing their jobs,” NUJP added.

The IFJ said: “Government officials must recognise the consequences of their misconduct and approach any public accusation with caution. The IFJ urge Harry Roque to respectfully apologise to CNN Philippines and Triciah Terada."

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