Jailed Turkish Journalist Speaks about his Conditions of Detention

The EFJ just received this letter as a testimony about conditions of detention in high security prison Silivri in Turkey. The Turkish journalist who wrote it wants to remain anonymous because of the next trial.

Extract: "In Turkey, there are many kinds of prisons. Silivri, where we are imprisoned, is called L-type, high-security prison, where one of the most severe measures is the isolation policy. In my case and in the case of some of my colleagues, we are in custody and yet we are forced into isolation. It is strictly forbidden to talk to other prisoners. For example, for almost a year that I spent here in prison, I could not see or speak to anyone except my two fellow prisoners with whom I share the cell. Although we are charged in the same trial, we can not have any contact with our journalist friends. In the corridors, if we meet and greet the head, the guards warn us not to talk to each other."


You can read his letter in French.