Australia discussing fair use exception

"The Australian Law Reform Commission has released a discussion paper recommending sweeping changes to the copyright regime including replacing existing exceptions in the Copyright Act with a "fair use" exception and removing existing statutory licences", reports the Media Enternatinment and Arts Alliance, an IFJ affiliate.
MEAA explains that the introduction of fair use in copyright law would have the following negative implications for journalists :
·repeal of the statutory licences would likely result in reduced licence fees collected by Copyright Agency, including for journalists;

·new ‘free' exceptions will also reduce opportunities for licensing solutions to benefit journalists;

·there is also, however, an opportunity to reduce the effect of some current exceptions to enable licensing opportunities (e.g. in corporations);

•the Australian Society of Authors and Australian Literary Agents Association, in their submissions, have asked for an inalienable entitlement to a share of licence fees collected under statutory licences. Submissions are due July 31 and MEAA will be strongly arguing against these proposals.