The Natali Prize for West African Journalism - Applications Sought from West African Print Journalists

Celebrating Journalism in the Struggle for Fair and Just Development

The Natali Prize was established by the countries of the European Union in honour of the late Lorenzo Natali, Vice President of the European Commission with special responsibilities for development issues. The Prize is awarded to print journalists who have demonstrated a striking insight and particular dedication to the reporting of human rights issues within the context of the development process.

Democracy and Human Rights go hand in hand but sometimes they are brushed aside in the drive for economic development. Development can only succeed if freedom and individual rights are promoted and defended. But is the message getting through?

Journalists in West Africa have an opportunity to play a key role in the global debate through the Natali Prize for West African Journalism, a competition organised by the countries of the European Union, to encourage reporting which recognize the value of human rights and democracy in the fight for fair and just social and economic development.

· Application deadline: 26 OCTOBER 2001
· Applications must have been published in the year 2000.
· Applicants should only submit ONE ARTICLE.