IFJ Appeal for Union Rights at the Chinese Daily News in California

International Federation of Journalists
From the General Secretary

To: All IFJ Unions, Global Unions July 3rd 2003

Dear Friends,

<centre>Fight for Union Rights at the Chinese Daily News – Please Give Your Support</centre>

On behalf of the 500,000 journalists in membership of the International Federation of Journalists across the world I am asking you to lend your support to the long-running struggle of the media workers at the Chinese Daily News in Monterey Park, California, who are striving for union recognition and bargaining rights.

The 150 employees of the Chinese Daily News write stories, take pictures, edit the stories, write headlines, sell advertising space and print and sell the paper with a circulation of over 100,000 copies.

The workers asked The Newspaper Guild-Communication Workers of America to help them after a pay rise was withdrawn and employees were forced to sign statements acknowledging that they could be fired at any time, even without a stated reason.

Since October 2000 this courageous group of workers, many of whom are immigrants to the United States from Taiwan, have been engaged in a crucial fight for basic union rights. Full information on the background is available on the web site: Communications Workers of America

The IFJ is asking you to pledge your support to their efforts. You can help by:
· Immediately signing on to a petition to be delivered to the CDN. This international appeal is backed by the Global Unions RESPECT campaign for union rights. Please add your support. The details will be found at CWA Petition

· Send a message of support before a planned rally next week on July 9. Distribute information about the dispute and the issue involved through your own networks.

These workers have been determined to stand up for their rights against anti-union lawyers and consultants who have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the employer to block their democratic decision to form a union. Your support will greatly assist them in this struggle.

As you know, strong ties of international solidarity are essential if we are to defend democracy and workers' rights in the global economy. The dispute at the Chinese Daily News is one that affects journalists the world over.

Could I ask you to take a few moments today to make sure that you give your support to this critical dispute which is becoming more and more known across the United States as one of the most infamous and flagrant violations of Freedom of Association.

With Kind Regards,

General Secretary

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