Czech TV Strike Victory -

The International Federation of Journalists today welcomed the strike victory of television journalists and media staff in the Czech Republic. "Your victory is a triumph for journalists and media workers everywhere," said Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary, from Vienna where a meeting of international trade union leaders also voiced their support.

The resignation of Czech TV boss Jiri Hodac was "an inevitable consequence of your solidarity and determination to fight for the principles of editorial independence and genuine public service broadcasting," said White, who visited the strikers and met with political leaders earlier this week.

"The message from Prague is that politicians must not play games with public broadcasting," said the IFJ. "The strike victory will be an inspiration to journalists to redouble their efforts to defend public broadcasting. Every country in the region must now act to ensure that they create structures for public media that are completely independent."

The IFJ particularly thanked the Czech Trade Union Federation and the Syndicate of Journalists for their solidarity.

The IFJ and its regional group the European Federation of Journalists plans now to focus attention on problems in Hungary where there is still political deadlock over the administration of public broadcasting. "Our colleagues in Hungary and elsewhere will take great heart from the events in Prague," said White.