Who was Lorenzo Natali?

EU Commissioner Lorenzo Natali

Lorenzo Natali portrait
Born in 1922, died in Rome on 29 August 1990. Lawyer, married with two daughters.

Joined the Italian partisan forces in 1944. Wounded in action. Decorated for valour on the battlefield.

Deputy for the Abruzzi constituency in seven successive Parliaments. Member of the national council of the Christian Democratic Party.

Throughout his carreer Lorenzo Natali occupied many government posts, first as under-secretary to the Prime Minister, then to the Minister for Finance and the Minister for the Treasury.

He subsequently occupied the posts of Minister for Merchant Shipping, Minister for Tourism and Cultural Events and Minister for Public Works.

As Minister for Agriculture he played an active part in the Council of Ministers of the European Communities, directing work on agriculture during the Italian Presidency.

In November 1976 Italy appointed him to the Commission.

From 6 January 1977 to 5 January 1981 he was Commission Vice-President with special responsibility for enlargement, the environment, nuclear safety and relations with the European Parliament.

In the course of his duties, he contributed to the successful completion of the negotiations for Greece's accession and to the start of negotiations with Portugal and Spain.

He also contributed to the implementation of important measures to prevent pollution and improve the quality of life.

From 6 January 1981 to 5 January 1985 he was Commission Vice-President with special responsibility for Mediterranean policy, enlargement and information.

From 6 January 1985 to 6 January 1989, he was Commission Vice-President with special responsibility for development co-operation.